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Vince Cable Article


As our national membership soars past 100,000, join our fightback for a better city of Newcastle today!

  • Recycling
    Article: Oct 6, 2017

    In response to a reader's question, it has been confirmed to us that staples in documents are not a problem and can be left in; these will be captured as part of the re-processing.

    Envelopes with windows are also acceptable, the windows do not have to be removed.

    Bags, film and pots can be made from different plastic polymers from plastic bottles. The process to recycle different plastics are complex meaning that now and in this area, it is not environmentally or economically practical to target all types for collection.

  • Article: Sep 29, 2017

    If you missed the Party Political Broadcast with humour that's amused a lot of people, click here


  • Article: Sep 20, 2017
    Review polling districts and polling stations resulting from Boundaries Commission review of ward boundaries in Newcastle
    The consultation is available at www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk or by attending one of the drop in sessions detailed below -
    East - East End Library - Monday 18 September - 4.30 - 6pm
  • Article: Sep 11, 2017

    Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) have informed councillors that some of their customers experienced issues with their Direct Debit payments on Friday 8th September. Unfortunately, customers with Direct Debit payments on that date had their account debited twice due to a problem being experienced across the country by their Direct Debit provider, Allpay. To rectify the error, Allpay aimed to re-credit the accounts of all affected customers on the same day. However, this was not possible, so some customers will be receiving credits to their account by the end of Tuesday 12th September.

  • Parks
    Petition: Sep 3, 2017

    We, the undersigned residents of Newcastle upon Tyne, call on the Labour administration at theCity Council to abandon their proposal to hand the management of the city's parks over to a Trust on the following grounds:

    • Management by a Trust would remove essential democratic accountability for our green spaces;
    • This loss of accountability could lead to over-commercialisation of parks;
    • The draft business plan developed for the Trust is based on many dubious assumptions and unrealistic financial projections;
    • None of the income opportunities identified in that business plan actually require the formation of a Trust;
    • The other Councils who have considered the Parks' Trust model have abandoned the idea.
  • Article: Sep 1, 2017

    At their conference in Bournemouth later this month, the Liberal Democrats will point out all the downsides of leaving the European Union and reinforce its vigorous defence of jobs, living standards, individual rights, international co-operation and the British national interest.

    They will be asked to support the following motion:

  • Article: Aug 25, 2017
    FOR a glimpse of how student housing has changed, drive into Newcastle from the east. First, the route passes through Heaton, a former working-class suburb crammed with terraced housing, the sort of digs long occupied by students. It then continues to Manors, where student accommodation is of a different class: high-rise, purpose-built towers jut out, with more rising from the ground. On a weekday morning during the summer holidays, the side streets are eerily empty, so dominated is the area by students.
  • Article: Aug 23, 2017
    As Northern city leaders meet for a summit in Leeds, North East Liberal Democrats have warned North East Labour leaders that they need to speak more clearly about the region's transport priorities if they are to secure greater funding from Government to address the region's transport infrastructure spending shortfall.
  • Article: Aug 21, 2017

    The instability of Westminster's supposedly 'strong and stable' voting system has been laid bare, according to the Electoral Reform Society definitive report on June's election.

    The Society's landmark General Election report, 'The 2017 General Election: Volatile Voting, Random Results', reveals:

    • Wasted votes: 68% of votes had no impact on the result - 22 million votes were wasted this election
    • Volatile voting: This election saw the second highest electoral volatility (the movement of votes between parties) since 1931. People are switching sides and shopping around at 'astonishing' levels
    • Tiny margins: 0.0016% of voters choosing differently would have given the Conservatives a majority, while the election saw rise in very marginal seats: eleven seats were won by fewer than 100 votes
    • The 'hold your nose' election: ERS estimate 6.5 million people voted tactically, alongside surge in smaller parties standing aside
    • A divisive system: First Past the Post is exaggerating divisions in the UK - Labour secured 29% of South East vote but got just 10% of seats, while Conservatives won 34% of the North East vote but got just 9% of seats. Meanwhile, the SNP continue to be over-represented in Scotland, as is Labour in Wales, while Northern Ireland voters are forced into two camps
    • Seats not matching votes: The Conservatives largely benefited from the discrepancy between votes and seats, winning 56% of English seats on 46% of the vote - while losing out significantly in Wales. The voting system is struggling to keep up with huge changes in partisan alignment.
    • The results under PR: Labour would have emerged as largest party under Scotland and Northern Ireland's Single Transferable Vote system, according to a huge YouGov survey of voters' party preferences
  • South Gosforth Green Location
    Petition: Aug 18, 2017

    South Gosforth Green is well known to locals as a quiet oasis next to the noise of Haddrick's Mill.

    Newcastle City Council has released plans to build bungalows on about a third of the Green.

    Whilst we support the Council's aim to build housing specifically to aid those touched with autism we believe there are better nearby places available. Most notably the former Jesmond Dene Nursery site which the council is planning to sell off for millions of pounds. Like South Gosforth Green the nursery is set-off from the main road. Unlike the Green the Nursery gives access to the superb Jesmond Dene which would be of great benefit to the residents.

You can help the Liberal Democrats fight for Newcastle. A donation will help strengthen our campaigns. Your help WILL make a difference.

Welcome to the Newcastle Liberal Democrats website

The Liberal Democrats are proud to have been in control of Newcastle City Council from 2004 until 2011. In that time, we cut waste and contained council tax rises, oversaw improvements in educational achievement and spent more on the services people said they wanted, such as community safety, street cleaning, recycling and the environment.

The Liberal Democrats are a powerful and effective force on the Council, with 20 members, one of the strongest Lib Dem Groups in the country. Conservatives and UKIP have no councillors. We chair the Scrutiny Committees.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information.


"We see people as individuals, not as opposing tribes lined up against each other across borders. We favour co-operation over isolation - your failure is not my success. We stand up against abuse of power, for entrepreneurship and individual endeavour. We see immigration as a blessing not a curse and value the contribution of every single individual has to make to this beautiful country of ours"

Tim Farron MP, on his election as Leader of the Liberal Democrats 16th July 2015

Tim Farron at Newcastle Civic Centre with Lib Dem activists Jan 2016

Tim Farron meets Liberal Democrats in Newcastle in January 2016

R.I.P. Rt Hon Charles Kennedy

former Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Seen here celebrating gaining control of Newcastle City Council in 2004

Charles Kennedy celebrates Liberal Democrats taking control of Newcastle 2004

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Liberal Democrats membership has been soaring since the General Election and is close to its highest ever - if you aren't one already, join us to help us build a better Britain

City limits

Newcastle is home to two great Universities and we welcome tens of thousands of students from around the world. Be sure to join LibDemSocs when you arrive - and register to vote!

Anita Lower

Cllr Anita Lower, re-elected as Liberal Group Leader on Newcastle City Council in May 2016, is supported by her deputy Clr Wendy Taylor and an enthusiastic and experienced team of councillors, Party members and Focus deliverers

The great city of Newcastle upon Tyne was granted a mayoral charter by King John in 1216