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As our national membership soars past 100,000, join our fightback for a better city of Newcastle today!

  • 3 Newcastle GE candidates
    Article: May 22, 2017

    Liberal Democrats believe in the highest standards of animal welfare and, if elected, we would continue to fight for these.

    A joint statement by Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidates Wendy Taylor (Newcastle East), Nick Cott (Newcastle Central) and Anita Lower (Newcastle North) (pictured right to left)

    Despite an EU-wide ban on battery cages for hens coming into force in 2012, in the UK many hens are still kept in cages that do not give them enough space. We will bring in a ban on all caged hens to ensure that hens have sufficient space and a good quality of life.

    We will also introduce stronger penalties for animal cruelty offences, increasing the maximum sentencing from six months to five years.

    Liberal Democrats will ensure that future trade deals require high safety, environmental and animal welfare standards for food imports, including clear and unambiguous country of origin labelling for meat and dairy products. We would also support a Good Food Act

    We will continue our long campaign to reform agricultural subsidies - rebalancing away from direct subsidy and refocusing support towards the public goods that come from effective land management including countryside protection, flood prevention, food production, and climate change mitigation. This would ensure that smaller farms are protected and move support away from large landowners, whilst delivering a more localised agricultural policy.

    Liberal Democrats will continue to improve standards of animal health and welfare in agriculture by updating farm animal welfare codes and promoting the responsible stewardship of antibiotic drugs

    We will expand renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, cutting dependence on fossil fuel imports and generating more jobs and prosperity. As part of this, we will support the Paris agreement by ensuring the UK meets its own climate commitments and plays a leadership role in international efforts to combat climate change.

  • Register to vote landscape
    Article: May 22, 2017

    Liberal Democrat Wendy Taylor has sent an emergency protest to the Newcastle Chief Executive and Returning Officer about the lack of prominence on the closure of voting registration at midnight tonight (Monday).

    If you're not registered to vote, go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote within the next few hours.

  • Care home
    Article: May 21, 2017
    Liberal Democrats condemn shameful dementia tax

    If you own your own home, but need long term care in later life, you can forget leaving your home to your family. Conservative manifesto plans mean that your family would have to pay on average nearly 20% of the value of your home to repay the cost of your social care after you die. And that includes any care given to you in your own home.

    The manifesto plans, which would mean that people would be forced to hand over all assets worth over £100,000 to pay for social care, would have a particularly damaging impact on sufferers of dementia, who have complicated long-term health needs.
  • Beecham 50th
    Article: May 19, 2017

    Newcastle Liberal Democrats were delighted to invite Cllr Jeremy, Lord Beecham, to a reception tonight to celebrate his 50 years continuous service as a councillor (and latterly in the House of Lords too). Pictured here (l-r) John, Lord shipley ; Jeremy Beecham; Cllr Anita Lower (current Leader of the Liberal Democrats Group); Peter Arnold (former Lord Mayor) and Cllr David Faulkner (former Leader of the Council)

  • School gate
    Article: May 18, 2017

    Kickstarting education

    Nearly 1400 3-4 year-olds in Newcastle would benefit from Liberal Democrat plans to triple funding for the early years pupil premium, with gives extra cash to nurseries, preschools and school receptions when they take on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    The cash would triple the funding to £1,000 per pupil per year - up from £302 in 2015-16.

    This will reverse Tory cuts, increasing the allocation for Newcastle City Council from around £400,000 to £1.2 million, and will pay for every disadvantaged child who benefits to receive 570 hours of state-funded early education.

    It forms part of a series of policies the Liberal Democrats are focusing on giving children and young people a brighter future.

    These include:

  • 3 Newcastle GE candidates
    Article: May 15, 2017

    Liberal Democrats have announced they would end years of pay restraint for nurses, teachers and police by lifting the 1% cap on public sector pay and increases wages in line with inflation.

    Under Liberal Democrat plans, the 2575 teachers working in Newcastle would get an average pay rise of £912 by 2021, while the 5688 police working for Northumbria would see their pay boosted by £471.

    The plans would also lead to an estimated pay rise of £527 for the 3518 nurses working for the Newcastle Hospital Foundation Trust by 2021, helping to tackle the shortage of nurses and potential strikes over pay this summer.

    In contrast, the Conservative's public sector pay cap combined with rising inflation since the Brexit vote will mean that by 2021, the average nurse will be nearly £4000 worse off.

    The announcement comes as a survey by the Royal College of Nursing has revealed nine out of 10 nursing leaders say they are worried about their ability to recruit nurses and that there are an estimated 40,000 nursing vacancies in the NHS.

    Liberal Democrat candidates Wendy Taylor, Anita Lower and Nick Cott say

    "Public sector workers in Newcastle are facing a double blow at the hands of this Conservative government, with years of pitiful increases to pay combined with a Brexit squeeze caused by soaring inflation.

    "Our NHS and schools are already struggling to recruit the staff they need.

    "Living standards are falling, prices are rising and nurses are reported as going to food banks - but Theresa May doesn't care.

    "A better future is possible. The Liberal Democrats will stand up for our schools and hospitals and give hard-working nurses, teachers and police the pay rise they deserve."

  • Mental Health helpline
    Article: May 15, 2017
    The Liberal Democrats have said that they will add another £1 billion for mental ill health care through putting a penny on income tax. This would equate to approximately £5 million of the party's additional health funding being spent in Newcastle tackling the "historic injustice" faced by people with mental ill health.
  • Teesside chemicals
    Article: May 12, 2017

    Far from freeing up the British chemicals industry, Brexit (leaving the European Union single market) threatens to land it with "increased costs and red tape" if the UK abandons an EU-wide chemicals registration scheme that is central to the EU's single market, the UK House of Commons' Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has concluded in a report.

  • School photo
    Article: May 11, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have announced they will invest over £31 million more in schools and colleges in Newcastle upon Tyne over the next parliament.

    The funding for Newcastle would reverse cuts to frontline school and college budgets, protect per pupil funding in real terms and ensure no school loses out from changes to funding arrangements.

    Nearly £2.8 million the funding would be spent on protecting the Pupil Premium, introduced by the Liberal Democrats to help the most disadvantaged children. Pupil premium spending and success is reported on websites for most schools in the City.

    Dr Nick Cott, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Newcastle Central and Shadow Education member on Newcastle City Council (pictured), said:

    "Children in Newcastle are being taught in overcrowded classes by overworked teachers.

    "Under the Conservatives, funding per pupil is set to see the biggest cuts in a generation, while billions of pounds are being spent on divisive plans to expand grammars and free schools.

    "This extra £31 million of funding here would ensure no local school and no local child loses out.

    "We will reverse Conservative cuts to school budgets and invest more to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed."

    Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

    "A landslide for the Conservatives would allow Theresa May to take parents across the country for granted and cut our schools to the bone.

    "Only the Liberal Democrats can provide the strong opposition Britain needs to stand up for Newcastle.

    "Vote for the Liberal Democrats and you can change Britain's future."

    Footnotes :

    The Liberal Democrats will invest £6.9bn more in our schools and colleges nationwide over the next parliament, to ensure no school and no child loses out. A breakdown of local figures on additional funding by local authority can be found here.

    Over the course of the Parliament, we will:

  • Cllr Wendy Taylor with Norman Lamb MP
    Article: May 7, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have announced they would plug funding gaps for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax, in their first major manifesto commitment of the election campaign.

    The tax would raise an additional £32m for Newcastle, with around £20m for the NHS and £11.5m for social care each year.

    This is the party's flagship spending commitment and its first major policy announcement for the election. The Liberal Democrats manifesto will also set out a 'five-point recovery plan' for NHS and social care services in their manifesto.

    At least 70% of Brits would happily pay an extra 1p in every pound if that money was guaranteed to go to the NHS, an ITV poll found last October.

    Liberal Democrat spokesperson Cllr Dr Wendy Taylor said:

    "Right now in Newcastle we are long queues in A & E, increasing pressure on hospital beds, overstretched staff and the Council struggling to give elderly people the care they need.

    "The Liberal Democrats are prepared to be honest with people and say that to secure the future of the NHS we will all need to chip in a little more.

    "A penny in the pound would allow us to invest in improving local NHS services and ensuring the elderly receive the care they deserve.

    "This Conservative government has left our health and care services chronically underfunded - and while the crisis gets worse they just don't seem to care.

    "We cannot continue asking the system to deliver more and more, without giving it the resources to do so."

    Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson and former health minister Norman Lamb (pictured with Dr Taylor) said:

    "The NHS was once the envy of the world and this pledge is the first step in restoring it to where it should be.

    "A penny in the pound to save the NHS is money well spent in our view.

    "But simply providing more money on its own is not enough and that's why this is just the first step in our plan to protect health and care services in the long-term."

You can help the Liberal Democrats fight for Newcastle. A donation will help strengthen our campaigns. Your help WILL make a difference.

Stop press : Contact our General Election HQ in Newcastle - call 0800 086 8398

Our General Election candidates are

Dr Nick Cott (Central)

Anita Lower (North)

Dr Wendy Taylor (East)

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The Liberal Democrats are proud to have been in control of Newcastle City Council from 2004 until 2011. In that time, we cut waste and contained council tax rises, oversaw improvements in educational achievement and spent more on the services people said they wanted, such as community safety, street cleaning, recycling and the environment.

The Liberal Democrats are a powerful and effective force on the Council, with 20 members, one of the strongest Lib Dem Groups in the country. Conservatives and UKIP have no councillors. We chair the Scrutiny Committees.

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Tim Farron MP, on his election as Leader of the Liberal Democrats 16th July 2015

Tim Farron at Newcastle Civic Centre with Lib Dem activists Jan 2016

Tim Farron meets Liberal Democrats in Newcastle in January 2016

R.I.P. Rt Hon Charles Kennedy

former Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Seen here celebrating gaining control of Newcastle City Council in 2004

Charles Kennedy celebrates Liberal Democrats taking control of Newcastle 2004

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Newcastle is home to two great Universities and we welcome tens of thousands of students from around the world. Be sure to join LibDemSocs when you arrive - and register to vote!

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Anita Lower

Cllr Anita Lower, re-elected as Liberal Group Leader on Newcastle City Council in May 2016, is supported by her deputy Clr Wendy Taylor and an enthusiastic and experienced team of councillors, Party members and Focus deliverers

Jackie Milburn statue (By Ultra7 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

The great city of Newcastle upon Tyne was granted a mayoral charter by King John in 1216