Lib Dems support Northern Rock

October 8, 2007 12:00 AM
Liberal Democrats Councillors supporting Northern Rock outside the City Centre.

Liberal Democrat councillors supporting Northern Rock: (L-R) Pauline Allen, Ian Graham, Mike Lynch, Stephen Psallidas, Neil Hamilton, Bill Shepherd, Doreen Huddart

Liberal Democrat councillors are showing their support for Northern Rock during its current troubled period.

Councillor John Shipley, Leader of the Council said: "Northern Rock is a major employer in Newcastle, and has a long history in the city. Its Foundation has been a generous supporter of many positive organisations and projects across the North East. We want to support the company to get through its current troubled times, and look forward to its continued presence in Newcastle for many years to come."

Meanwhile, Lib Dem councillors last week supported a cross-party Motion to Council which granted Northern Rock the Freedom of the City.