Ouseburn Lib Dems welcome consultation on Licensing 'Saturation Zone'

October 18, 2007 10:51 PM
Stephen Psallidas in Blagdon St area

Stephen Psallidas in the Blagdon St area, just off Melbourne St, where there has been an issue with alcohol-related antisocial behaviour

Ouseburn Ward Lib Dems have welcomed the latest draft of the 'Saturation Zone' map in their ward. Following comments by the ward councillors, the proposed boundary has been extended to include New Bridge Street and all the way east to the Ouseburn River.

Local councillor Stephen Psallidas said: "The Saturation Zone requires businesses to prove that any new alcohol licences will not cause additional problems due to noise, litter and anti-social behaviour - otherwise they will not get a licence. The current zone was set up in 2003 and includes much of the Central Quayside, but stops halfway along Melbourne Street. Due to more flats and student halls having been built in the Battlefield area since 2003, there has been a big increase in the number of bars and pubs in the area, and we have been getting increasing complaints from residents. There is also an issue with antisocial behaviour in the Blagdon Close area (see picture).

Given the above, we think it's right to extend the Zone boundary to include New Bridge St.

We also feel that there needs to be consultation about whether there are now enough pubs and licensed premises in the Ouseburn Valley. We have asked for consultation to take place with businesses, but would also be pleased to hear from any residents or pubgoers."