Refusal of Wimpey site planning permission was "right result"

November 2, 2007 10:23 PM

Commenting on the refusal by the Development Control Committee this morning to grant permission for the proposed major development by Wimpey at the mouth of the Ouseburn River, local ward councillor Stephen Psallidas commented:

"The new development was a substantial improvement on the previous design, the infamous 'Wimpey Tower'. The company did make more of an effort to consult, and to take on board residents' concerns; the proposed public space was a great improvement. But the issue of the local parking demand in this constricted area has been of serious concern to local residents. And the major underlying problem is not going to go away: a 13-storey block of this scale and massing is simply too large for this location, and spoils the world-famous sightlines along the Tyne. This was the right result for local communities."