July 27, 2008 4:08 PM

Fawdon's post office has been reprieved from closure - for the time being.

The post office in Forbuoys at Fawdon Shopping Centre was not one of the ones that Post Office Ltd has announced for closure.

"It's a scandal that the Government are encouraging the Post Office to go for closures on this scale" says Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh.

"Post offices are a public service and should not be treated as if they are a high street supermarket. In any event, perfectly profitable post offices, such as the one in Gosforth Garden Village, are set for closure, making a mockery of the whole process.

"Newcastle North MP Doug Henderson voted for the closure programme in Parliament, and now says he is against the closure

in Gosforth - no wonder people have such little respect for MPs."

Councillor Ron Clark adds: "The consultation process is a sham, anyway, as the Post Office hardly ever change their minds no

matter what local people say - look at what happened when the Lib Dems got up a petition against the

closure of the Coxlodge post office at Kenton Road/Carrfield Rd - it was just ignored.

"That's why we're asking you to support Ron Beadle's petition."

You can sign our petition at: http://campaigns.libdems.org.uk/savenewcastlespostoffices