December 12, 2008 1:00 AM

Transport bosses are considering extended a vital bus service to Westerhope residents.

Stagecoach said that "serious consideration" was being given to trialling an extension of the No 6 service.

It would mean that the bus would turn right out of Newbiggin Lane and then left onto Hillhead Road.

Councillor Pat Hillicks explains: "It also means that a bus would run the whole length of Hillhead Road from Stamfordham Road.

"This would allow many more residents to access Sainsbury's, Tesco, the Freeman Hospital and the Metrocentre by a single bus journey.

"The No 6 does not run at all times but we are hopeful that if it is introduced, passengers will use this extra service and make it worthwhile to keep the service running after the trial period ends."