Progress on Cochrane Park / North Heaton learner drivers issue

August 5, 2009 7:30 PM

Newcastle East Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman and North Heaton councillor Greg Stone has successfully taken up the issue of the very high numbers of learner drivers using Cochrane Park and North Heaton for driving practice, following representations from residents.

After writing to the Department for Transport to seek advice, Greg has received a response from the Driving Standards Agency which administers driving test centres confirming that they will advise instructors to vary their routes and to seek to avoid using these areas quite so intensively.

Greg said "I am pleased that the views of residents are being taken into account and I hope that the level of usage of this area will decrease as a result. Of course learners need to be able to use quieter areas for tuition purposes but some residents felt that the level of use in these streets was becoming excessive. More variation of routes will hopefully help to reduce this problem"