January 7, 2009 7:22 PM

Extra police patrols will help curb anti-social and nuisance behaviour in and around the Jesmond.

More officers will be out on the streets between 10pm and 4am in Jesmond and Sandyford as part of an initiative involving local police, councillors and the city's universities.

The aim is to tackle late-night anti-social behaviour and noise and where necessary make arrests when people fail to abide by the law.

The operation has been launched to tackle late night disturbances, which in most cases have been due to the actions of a small minority of the students.

Noisy parties are frequently the problem, though in some cases the behaviour has been more serious, such as bottles being thrown at residents' homes.

These patrols will be funded by the North and South Jesmond ward committees, with both contributing £5,000. Newcastle University has also contributed £5,000 and Northumbria University £2,500.

Councillor Catherine Pagan, who represents North Jesmond, said: "We hope that the guaranteed presence of police on the streets through the night will greatly improve the quality of life in Jesmond."

If you experience late night noise you should ring the Neighbourhood Helpline on 0300 1000 101.

To report an incident to the police you should use the police non-emergency number 08456 043 043. When it is an emergency you should dial 999.