Government policy on new housing development hopelessly muddled says Stone

July 28, 2009 10:50 AM

Lib Dem spokesman for Newcastle East Greg Stone has criticised the Housing Minister John Healey for a "hopelessly muddled" approach to supporting new housing development.

The minister has announced plans to financially intervene to encourage new housing development completions in the North East, following the stalling of a number of schemes due to lack of private sector funding.

However, the news comes just days after the minister announced cuts of approximately £1 million to Newcastle's funding for "growth point infrastructure" - the groundworks necessary to enable development of new housing sites.

Greg Stone said "The Government are in disarray on this issue, making announcements about speeding up delivery of new housing at the same time that they are taking away money already allocated to Newcastle for this purpose. The minister seems hopelessly muddled on this issue, just as appears to be the case with the regeneration of the Byker estate where his department actively encouraged a non-compliant bid and then rejected it."