Nick Brown challenged on 25% increase in food allowance

July 28, 2009 1:45 PM

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman Greg Stone has challenged Labour MP for Newcastle East Nick Brown to say whether he will claim an increase in MPs allowances nodded through by parliamentary officials.

The "Green Book" which sets out the allowances available to MPs has been re-issued during the parliamentary recess in the hope that it will go unnoticed. It includes an increase in the maximum monthly allowance for subsistence from £400 to £500, and continues to allow claims to be made without receipts.

Greg Stone said "Despite the outrage expressed by the public over the expenses scandal, it seems MPs are still trying to increase the amount they can claim for without receipts. The Labour MP for Newcastle East has claimed the maximum £400 a month for food for his Newcastle home for years, totting up claims running into many thousands of pounds. Will he now increase his claim to £500 a month without receipts, or will he accept that constituents are demanding a change in the system and only claim for legitimate receipted expenses?"

"Many constituents in Newcastle East would love the luxury of having an extra £100 a month to pay for the family groceries, and could not afford to spend £400 a month for food in the first place, let alone claim it from the taxpayer"