Why are Labour so interested in Greg's expenses?

July 28, 2009 5:40 PM

Greg Stone has today voluntarily published his expenses since becoming a Newcastle city councillor in July 1998.

In that 11 year period, his total expenses claims amount to £682.65, or £62.06 per year. The figures break down as follows:

1998-2004: Nil

2004/5: £8.50 (mileage)

2005/6: £7.50 (mileage); £142.35 (overnight hotel stay)

2006/7: £292.20 (travel - rail fares)

2007/8: £232.20 (travel - rail fares)

By contrast, the expenses claims for subsistence alone for Newcastle East's Labour MP for the same period runs to more than £50,000.

Greg said "I have never claimed for any expenses incurred in relation to my everyday duties as ward councillor for North Heaton. My only expense claims relate to occasions when I have been called upon to represent the council at meetings outside of Newcastle, usually at the Local Government Association in London. In this capacity I have made occasional claims for train fares, very occasional claims for mileage and one single occasion for an overnight hotel stay. I am happy to confirm that all these claims are entirely legitimate and accompanied by documentary evidence."

"I find it interesting that Labour activists have been submitting Freedom of Information requests about my expenses. Given their concern about probity in relation to expenses, perhaps they should call upon the Labour MP for Newcastle East to justify his own expenses claims, given his propensity for claiming the maximum allowed whilst not submitting any receipts."