Quayside Plot 12 must be sensitively developed, say Lib Dems

August 4, 2009 2:44 PM

Newcastle East Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman Greg Stone has joined Ouseburn ward councillors Steve Psallidas and Gareth Cooper to call for sensitive development of the Plot 12 site on the Quayside. The site has remained vacant for several years after the failure of previous attempts to develop the land.

Greg said "If any future proposals emerge for this plot, it will be important to achieve a sensitive development which interacts well with both the Quayside and with City Road, taking into account the significant level change of the site. Previous controversy about the Wimpey Tower at the mouth of the Ouseburn underlines the sensitivity of development in this area, particularly where large buildings which may alter views of the Quayside are concerned. Appropriate development of this site will be welcome, but it will be important to get it right."