No truth in Iris Brickfield dog-walking rumours

August 14, 2009 2:50 PM

North Heaton Lib Dem councillor Greg Stone has reassured Heaton residents that there are no plans to restrict use of Iris Brickfield Park by dog-walkers. A number of residents have reacted with concern following an unfounded rumour that restrictions on dogs using the park were to be introduced, but Greg has advised them that this is not the case.

Greg said "Iris Brickfield is an important local asset for everyone to enjoy and in the closely-packed Heaton terraces it is a valuable local green space for children, for joggers, and for dog-walkers. Obviously we would like everyone to be able to enjoy the park and so we would encourage dog owners to ensure that they exercise their dogs responsibly, and would hope that owners make sure that the area is not spoiled by dog fouling. Apart from these common-sense points, there are no plans for any restrictions."