August 19, 2009 12:16 PM

A Newcastle councillor has hit out at vandals who have damaged a flowerbed for the third time in a week.

Councillor Lawrence Hunter said yobs had ripped out plants and kicked off the heads of flowers, which have been planted on a roundabout in Lemington.

The latest incident took place last Thursday night (August 13) on the roundabout at Combe Drive and Burnham Avenue on West Denton Park - and was the third time in a week that this had happened.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Lawrence Hunter, who represents Lemington Ward, said: "The city council spends a lot of money planting flowers to brighten up our communities.

"And residents say they like seeing the flower beds during the summer and want to see more planted across Lemington.

"My ward colleagues and I were thinking of making the display on the roundabout bigger and better next year.

"But it is now getting to the stage of saying 'why bother?' if vandals are just going to do this wanton damage.

"This is the third time in a week that this flower bed has been vandalised. The council is just wasting its money if these sort of incidents are happening every week."