Senior Labour figure admits "no compelling case for re-election"

September 9, 2009 12:10 PM

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Newcastle East Greg Stone has welcomed the recognition by senior Labour MP Jon Cruddas that Labour has "no compelling case for re-election".

In a speech to Labour-supporting pressure group Compass, Mr Cruddas stated that

"We are at a historic turning point ..... of profound economic and social change and the breakdown of no end of assumptions and political orthodoxies.

Labour has failed to keep pace with these shifts. Indeed, I would contend that it has based far too much of its approach on denying them.

Where our response to changed realities has not cohered into a consistent and credible worldview, or a vision of how Britain can emerge a better and fairer country. Put simply: what does Labour stand for any more?

There are plenty of initiatives and announcements, but no sense of animating purpose - and thus, as yet, no compelling case for re-election."

Responding, Greg Stone said

"I welcome Mr Cruddas's contribution to the debate and I am sure that they will strike a chord with many people who have traditionally voted Labour in Newcastle. Jon Cruddas calls for a number of changes to Labour policy, but most of these including scrapping Trident, a renewed focus on the environment, and reconfiguring the tax system have already been championed by the Liberal Democrats. He even acknowledges the need to move away from New Labour towards New Liberalism".

"In addition to his Compass audience, many Labour supporters in Newcastle will privately agree with him that the party no longer has a compelling case for re-election. Those who support his values and his call for policies to achieve a more sustainable economy, society, and environment should follow his logic to its natural conclusion, and support the Liberal Democrats at the next general election."