October 14, 2009 4:25 PM

It's great to see that the tenants have moved into the new council bungalows at Souter Court in Coxlodge and at Apsley Court in North Kenton.

"Along with new homes in Throckley, these are the first council houses built in the city for 25 years," said Councillor David Faulkner.

"Through its housing company Your Homes Newcastle, the council is providing leadership at a time when the private sector is not building because of the credit crunch."

On a summer visit to Newcastle, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg toured the North Kenton development and helped install a solar panel on the roof of one of the bungalows.

In allocating bungalows, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) give some priority those who are currently in bigger houses that can be released for rent to families.

YHN has also introduced a scheme to address under-occupation more generally. Tenants who register to move to a smaller rented property will be given additional priority and a financial incentive based on the number of bedrooms that are given up - £500 for each bedroom, so moving to a one-bedroom bungalow from a 3 bedroom house will attract £1,000.

The scheme is of course entirely voluntary, and is welcomed by your local councillors.