Conservative £7000 tuition fees plan for Newcastle students

October 15, 2009 11:34 PM

The higher education spokesman for the Conservatives, David Willetts MP, has called in the Commons in support of raising university tuition fees in the forthcoming university funding review expected after the election. He suggested the only debate was whether annual fees should be raised from the current £3225 to £5000 or even £7000. It is believed Labour ministers privately believe tuition fees will rise significantly but don't wish to say so before the election, and Mr Willetts' remarks indicate that an incoming Conservative government would also look to increase fee levels.

Newcastle East Lib Dem spokesman Greg Stone said "The Lib Dems remain the only major party committed to scrapping fees. These Conservative comments show that students will be hit hard by a Tory victory at the next election. In a student-dominated seat like Newcastle East, represented by a Labour MP who helped to introduce tuition fees, only the Lib Dems will stand up for the interests of students. A Conservative vote is a vote for doubling tuition fees but a Lib Dem vote is a vote to scrap them."

Greg is to meet with the deputy vice chancellor of Newcastle University in the near future to discuss higher education funding issues.