Armed forces voters reminded to register

October 16, 2009 10:35 AM

Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Newcastle East Greg Stone has endorsed a campaign by the Electoral Commission reminding servicemen and women to ensure they are registered in time for the General Election next year. Up to 35% of armed forces personnel are not registered to vote.

Members of the armed forces posted to bases elsewhere in the UK or sent overseas often find it difficult to cast a vote in their home constituency due to not being on the electoral register, but they can register for postal and/or proxy votes to ensure their vote counts. Proxy voting - naming a close relative or friend to cast votes on their behalf - is recommended as the best option for personnel stationed overseas.

Greg Stone said "Given the importance of the armed forces at the current time it is important that members of the armed forces are not deprived of their right to vote. I urge servicemen and women to ensure that they are registered in time for the election."