Newcastle's Labour MPs challenged to support Lib Dem motion on 10:10 climate change campaign on Wednesday

October 19, 2009 3:45 PM

This Wednesday, the Liberal Democrats have secured a debate in the House of Commons on climate change. The motion calls for Parliament and the Government to sign up to the 10:10 campaign and commit to achieving a 10% reduction in emissions by the end of 2010.

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Newcastle East Greg Stone is calling on Newcastle's Labour MPs to vote in favour of this motion, following support from Labour councillors for a similar motion to Newcastle city council earlier this month.

The Lib Dems endorsed the 10:10 campaign at our recent federal conference and Liberal Democrat run councils including Newcastle have shown the way on this issue. Now we are calling for the whole public sector to sign up. Once again, the Liberal Democrats are demonstrating leadership on the environment.

Commenting on Gordon Brown's warning of climate catastrophe if there is no agreement at UN talks in Copenhagen in 50 days time, Lib Dem climate change spokesperson Simon Hughes said:

"Gordon Brown's warning today to the most heavily polluting nations would be more credible if Labour's policies were consistent with the Prime Minister's words.

"Expansion of the UK's largest airport and continued plans for dirty coal power stations are not the policies of a government with the authority to lecture the world on averting the climate crisis.

"A vote in Parliament this Wednesday to back Liberal Democrat proposals to make 10% cuts in public sector emissions by 2010 will be a much stronger sign that Labour understands the urgency of the climate crisis."

This is a big opportunity for Liberal Democrats and for the environment. Under this government there has been a shameful lack of action on climate change.

Liberal Democrats have the power to make a real change. Leadership now is what Britain needs. So please take a moment to email your MP and call on them to support the environment this Wednesday. If enough MPs join us then we can make a huge change to Britain's future.