Greg calls for new licensing powers to curb late night booze deliveries

October 20, 2009 10:00 AM

Bottles of alcohol in a wine rack.Newcastle East Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman Greg Stone has asked Newcastle City Council to investigate the growing number of "drinks delivery" services operating in the east of the city, particularly targeting the student community.

The "dial a drink" services offer late night delivery of alcohol after the pubs have shut, potentially fuelling late night noise and anti social behaviour.

Greg said "I am very concerned that several of these business are operating through loopholes in licensing law, and appear to be directly promoting their services to provide drink for late night student parties. This is in my view gravely irresponsible and is adding to problems of noise and disturbance for residents and families. I have contacted the council's licensing department asking them to investigate particular companies, and am pushing for tougher legislation to control this unwelcome innovation, including action at a national level".