Big response to Greg's appearance on the Politics Show

October 20, 2009 7:25 PM

The BBC's Richard Moss reports a very high number of viewer comments following Greg's appearance on Sunday's programme debating MP expenses with Labour's Sir Stuart Bell. Most seem to be in support of Greg's argument.


Elaine Hodgeson, Carlisle

I think the MPs that have overstated their expenses are all rogues. They don't work in the real world on £5.90 an hour like some of us do. They have absolutely no idea what it's like for the rest of us. They should all clean up their acts and be grateful for the wage they get.

Margaret Hall

I'm absolutely disgusted with what the MPs charge for expenses, especially food. It's absolutely appalling. They would have to feed themselves wherever they are and I presume they feed quite a lot at the Houses of Parliament and that will be subsidised. We pensioners could do with a little bit more for food and I think it's about time MPs paid for their own.

Enid Jakes

I object to these MPs getting money for cleaning. I'm disabled, I can't clean, I can't even walk. But I have to pay someone to come and clean my bungalow. Nobody's said to me: "there's fifty pounds a week".

Rose Kylie

What I'd like you to ask the MPs is how is it that they don't like retrospective expenses, but as far as my pension retirement date is concerned, they've changed that so what's the difference.

Ted Strike

I've been listening with interest to these MPs complaining about this retrospective law by Sir Thomas Legg. In 87-89 I was self employed and we were told by the accountant the legal standing was 25 pounds a day. That covered my living allowance, food, accommodation, everything. I did that and my books went in on three years, then they retrospectively brought in income tax laws which said that was changed and I was charged 6000 pounds tax. I didn't keep any receipts because I was told I didn't need to and my books had been approved and accepted by the inland revenue. But because some things were coming through court they made a retrospective law. I have no sympathy at all with these MPs.

Margaret Garret

I'm a pensioner and I don't see why these MPs should get all these expenses. They are scamming this county left right and centre. We have to pay for our stuff so why can't they pay for theirs. They get expenses for everything and it's not fair to the people that have worked hard to get what we want.

Doreen Boy, Gateshead

I think they all should be made to pay up and just start being honest instead of raking it in for themselves. After all it's our money that they are using. They're beginning to look like a whole load of wolves.

Bill Blenkinsop

Once again everything's been swept underneath the carpet. I think that the housing situation and mortgages should be looked into. I think this is just a drop in the ocean and I think people are absolutely fed up of finding out these things that should have come to light long before now. Hopefully there will be a full inquiry into everything. If it had been anyone in the general public they'd have been in jail now and some of these MPs should also be in jail as far as I'm concerned.

Mr Parker

If the taxpayer pays a mortgage on any flat then the flat should belong to the taxpayer at the end of the mortgage, surely?

Peter Wood

Now that Sir Thomas Legg has looked at these things and exposed them, I think it's time to get the Inland Revenue involved. I think also we should look at our local councillors for some sort of misbehaviour.

Joan Atkinson

I think MPs are an absolute disgrace. I think they're still not getting that the ordinary people of this country don't even earn as much money as they scrounge from us in expenses and I think the sooner we have a general election and sweep the lot away, the better.

Rita Lamb, New Herrington

I think it's disgusting because at one time when you were elected you didn't get paid it was an honour. Now it seems to me "who can get the most". It's not an honour any more either to be a councillor or an MP. Personally I think the majority are scumbags.

Mr Manai

My opinion is everybody works, everybody gets paid. There should be no expenses whatsoever.

Terry Hutchinson, East Herrington

I've got to say I'm disgusted at Sir Stuart Bell justifying these lying hypocrites we call politicians.

Mr Renshaw

The whole system is so corrupt to the point of being criminal. It should all be scrapped and anything at all done fresh should be totally open and not organised and arranged by the government and the MPs themselves. All the money should be paid back, every penny, no matter how far back because the public has just been robbed. Pensioners get a very basic poor pension after working all their life and we're even being robbed by the people that are supposed to look after us.

Keith Thompson

I'm listening to Sir Stuart Bell and I'm absolutely staggered. This is the man that has been defending the methodologies used by MPs and their expenses. This is the man who has consistently fought to keep them in place. This is the person that sits on their expenses committee and part of the organisation that kicked out Elizabeth Filkin because she started looking into expenses and when she got too close, they decided they didn't want her. It's absolutely staggering.

Susan Smith

I think the MPs should just get a straight wage like the rest of the country and no expenses claimed at all.

Jan Little

I'm horrified about some of the MPs expenses but what I would like to know, is anything being done about the people who sanctioned all these expenses in the first place?

Mr Richardson

My local council, Sunderland, stopped paying me for cleaning and I now have to pay, as a disabled person, for cleaning instead of care. And I strongly object to these politicians claiming for cleaning.