Lib Dems set student housing agenda in North Heaton

October 22, 2009 1:20 PM

GREG, DOREEN, and KAREN are pleased that the Lib Dem run city council has

adopted an enhanced new Student Housing Strategy for the city which will deliver

purpose built housing and stop unchecked expansion of the private rented sector.

The council's strategy recognises the valuable role students play in the economic

and social life of the city, but seeks to ensure a better balance between the needs of students and residential communities.

The Lib Dem plans will require planning permission for conversion of family homes

into multi-occupancy, together with more enforcement powers to take action against problem landlords and tenants, and continuing the highly successful late night noise teams and dedicated police patrols to prevent late night disturbance.

GREG commented "We are delighted that the Lib Dem administration is taking effective action in this regard. but we are very disappointed that an unholy alliance of landlords and Labour are trying to block this new strategy, showing how out of touch they are with the views of local residents.

"We want to see places like Heaton and Jesmond continue as vibrant and

sustainable residential communities where students are welcome. However we don't

believe that rented student accommodation can continue to expand unchecked.

"More purpose built accommodation for first year students close to the university

campuses will help to increase choice and lower rents. We believe this is a positive step in the right direction and residents groups in these areas are strongly supportive of this approach."