20mph limits for residential neighbourhoods implementation is good news for safer streets

December 9, 2009 1:10 PM

Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Newcastle East Greg Stone has welcomed the city council's publication of information relating to the implementation of 20mph limits for all residential streets in the city, excluding "main roads" and bus routes. These areas will see 20mph signage and road markings installed as a first step to reducing traffic speed, with the option of introducing further measures if speed problems persist.

The scheme will be implemented in six phases, commencing in the New Year and completing by November 2011.

For Newcastle East, the phasing will be as follows:

Jesmond, High Heaton (west of Benton Road), Heaton (west of Chillingham Road), Sandyford, Shieldfield, Byker (north of Commercial Road and west of Bothal Street): Phase 2 (summer 2010)

Byker (remaining areas), Walkergate, Walker, St Anne's / Lower Ouseburn: Phase 4 (early 2011)

Heaton / High Heaton (east of Benton Road), Cochrane Park, Haydon Grange: Phase 6 (November 2011)

Greg Stone said "Road safety and speeding in residential areas is a big concern for many people in the city so I am pleased that the Lib Dem run council is implementing this citywide scheme to reduce traffic speed, and hope motorists will acknowledge the importance of reducing speed to reduce accidents.

I am a little disappointed that the area east of Benton Road is amongst those which have to wait the longest, as I know Cochrane Park residents have been particularly supportive of the need for a 20mph scheme, but will be working with the council to ensure that the schemes are put in place as quickly as possible. Clearly it is a big job to put these zones in place citywide and I hope that the council will keep to a tight timetable"