Green Make-Over for Waverdale

August 2, 2010 9:00 AM

During July, over 200 volunteers spent a day transforming part of the Waverdale site into a wildlife area for everyone to enjoy in the future.

Local Walkergate Lib Dem councillors Pauline Allen and Peter Allen,supported by Dave Besag, pushed for the creation of the wildlife area as part of the plans to build the new Walker Technology College and Sir Charles Parsons School on other parts of the site. The scheme is designed by the Groundwork Trust, with volunteers coming from a range of businesses which are all part of Business in the Community. Local people and school children also got involved on the day.

The work in July is just the start, with the volunteers coming back on a regular basis to continue making improvements. In the past, much of the area was overgrown and inaccessible. Now new footpaths are being installed and trees and bushes trimmed back to encourage a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area is now accessible by foot from Fossway and Westbourne Avenue - why not take a walk and check it out?

If you would like to get involved in helping with the further work planned for the wildlife area then get in touch with the Walkergate Focus Team (contact details on the Contact Us page) and we will put you in touch with the project team.