Recycling in Flats Update

November 4, 2010 8:05 AM

North Heaton Councillors KAREN and DOREEN have secured agreement from the council to extend the popular recycling collection arrangements to residents of blocks of flats in the ward. Residents of the Spinney and Dene Court have previously had to make their own arrangements, but will at last be covered by new recycling facilities for their blocks. This has taken a while to agree but we're pleased it's now proceeding.

GREG is also looking to provide a ward budget grant to Dene Court flats residents to fund the cost of plant hire needed to install cavity wall insulation through the Newcastle Warm Zone energy conservation project.

In Ouseburn ward local councillors Gareth Kane, Gareth Cooper and Stephen Psallidas have been working hard to provide recycling for residents whose properties make blue wheelie bins impractical. Alison Court and Heaton Park Court have been included in the current phase while flats around st Ann's Close should be coming on board later this year.