Free Swimming to Continue

November 11, 2010 8:00 AM

Following the axing of the national free swimming scheme, the Council has launched a revised free programme for all of Newcastle's city run pools.

Each pool is offering a series of convenient sessions, such as after school for youngsters. Unlike the national scheme, all young people under 18 can join in, not just under 16s, provided they get a free Fusion Card. Parents and grand parents will also be able to join their children in the pool during these sessions without charge.

A range of free swimming sessions are also being offered for the over 60s. Kids can also use their Fusion cards to access other free and subsidised sports sessions in the Council's Leisure Centres. Fenham Councillor Colin Daglish, said: "Exercise is good for us all, so that's why we have chosen to continue to offer free swimming and other sports to young and old."

Contact any pool or sports centre for details.