Licences Suspended after Alcohol Fraud

November 15, 2010 8:00 AM

Three off-licences on Stamfordham Road have had their licences suspended. Customs officers discovered warehouses in Tyne and Wear with thousands of litres of illegal alcoholic products where duty had been avoided. They had been smuggled into the UK or were counterfeit.

Investigations then led them to inspect a number of stores and they seized a large quantity of spirits and wine that didn't have the UK duty markings on them. The police requested a review of the stores' licences. The Council's licensing sub-committee heard the evidence and decided to suspend the licences for the sale of alcohol.

Westerhope campaigner Neil Hamilton said Alcohol-related crime and disorder can have a huge effect on the well-being and health of a community. It is a minority of Licensees who cause concern and these are the ones which customs, police and Council are working together as partners to target."

If you suspect that someone is illegally importing or selling duty-free or counterfeit alcohol or tobacco products please call the hotline on 0800 595 000 and report it.