Improving Roads and Pavements

November 16, 2010 8:04 AM

After years of neglect by the old Labour Council, the Lib Dem City Council has made millions of pounds available to improve local roads and pavements.

Work recently completed or at planning stage includes resurfacing the footway in Magenta Crescent, Granville Drive, Grosvenor Court and Knightside Walk, plus improvements to the primary school crossing on Hillhead Road.

"It will take years to catch up with the consequence of 30 years of neglect and under-investment" said Westerhope campaigner Neil Hamilton, "but we will continue to try to deal with the worst roads and pavements - many of them made worse by the weather damage of last winter and by thoughtless parkers on pavements"

Consultation continues on proposals for traffic calming on Beaumont Terrace. Waiting restrictions on Bamburgh Rd near Bamburgh House have been extended.