Westerhope Round-up

November 19, 2010 8:02 AM

The new Knoplaw School opened in September. The environment of the school is being improved to prevent anti-social behaviour for example, the small hill behind

the school is being fenced in. There are also plans being considered for a wildlife pond, and a school safety zone has been brought in as a response to problem parking.

Refurbishment of Milecastle Primary School will be finished by December 2011 and opened by Easter 2012.Milecastle has also been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag for their work on environmental issues such as recycling, reducing their carbon footprint, planting and growing vegetables.

"No Council in the country of our size has had as much investment in new and improved schools as Newcastle, thanks to the ambition of the Council taking advantage of nationally-available funding" said Westerhope campaigner Neil Hamilton.