Lemington Action File

December 3, 2010 8:00 AM

Lemington Councillors Lawrence and Liz have been responding to residents concerns about neighbourhood problems. Highlighted problems include overgrown shrubs; wheelie bins left out for days on end, plus badly parked vehicles, are an eyesore affecting people's lives. Some of our action includes:-

  • Sending letters from the Council to some residents in Fernwood Ave, Denton Ave and Union Hall Rd asking them to trim trees, shrubs or hedges in their garden. These overhanging trees or shrubs have caused obstructions to pavements, roads or back lanes.
  • Letters to Residents in Shipley St, Beanley Ave and other streets in Lower Lemington asking them to take their wheelie bins in whenever they've been emptied. Bins left out have been set alight and the fire quickly spreads to homes. Burglars have also used bins to climb over walls to get into people's properties.
  • Having a new fence installed in front of the car park at Ellington Close, to prevent people from falling over the wall.
  • Having handrails installed at steeply sloping footpaths on Medburn Rd and from the Hadrian Cycleway to the rear entrance of Sugley Church, to prevent pedestrians from falling in wet or icy conditions.
  • The Council and Police taking action around the Avalon Rd area to make sure that people park their vehicles considerately. Lawrence Hunter said, "In some cases, vehicles have been parked in a way that prevents ambulances or fire engines from getting along the street. This can endanger life or property. Residents want to feel that help can reach them quickly if it's needed, so we'll always take action to sort it out."