Anger at More Walkergate Bus Route Changes

December 2, 2010 10:20 PM

Once again a bus company has ignored the views of local residents and passengers. Go North East have changed the route of the No 1 & 2 services from Sutton Street to Coutts Road.

This may stop buses blocking traffic as they turn onto Shields Road and Fossway - but it is no safer as the route still goes by Walkergate School. It is also no more logical as the bus shelters on Shields Road by the Metro will still be left unused - and passengers will have further to walk.

The Focus Team have objected to these latest changes, and have restated their objections to the 22 Stagecoach service using Valentia Avenue. Along with local passengers and residents we will continue to press Nexus and the bus companies to see sense - running the 22 along Fossway and the 1 & 2 along Shields Road - just like they used to!

You can help by signing the petition online today - just click the Sign our Petitions button on the left of the page and follow the instructions.