North Jesmond Ward Committee Grants

December 13, 2010 8:00 AM

It has been the policy of the Lib Dem controlled City Council to devolve as much decision making as possible to ward councillors. For six years we have had a substantial revenue budget at ward level ( currently £20,000 pa ) and for the last two years we have also been allocated a capital budget ( £115,000 over 3 years ).

At the North Jesmond ward committee meeting on 10 November 2010, decisions were made to authorise the following grants from the ward capital fund by the three North Jesmond councillors:

1. £6,860 to the Friends of St George's in order to refurbish the Winskill Room within St George's church hall. The room is used by a large number of community groups. The total cost of the work is £10,860.

2. £5,530 to the Jesmond Community Orchard to enable the repair of the stone wall to the north of the orchard. The total cost of the project is £12,900

3. £6,000 to the Northumberland Club to assist with the refurbishment of 3 tennis courts. The total cost of the project is £33,000.

The grants from the capital fund followed a call for bids made earlier in the year. Four bids were received and the three were short-listed.

The councillors also decided to authorise the following grants from the revenue account:

A. £3,200 to the Jesmond Community Forum to assist with the running of the Jesmond Festival.

B. £1,000 to Jesmond Pool to help fund sessions in the fitness suite for older persons.