Changes in Licensing Laws

December 14, 2010 8:00 AM

The latest version of the Government proposals on changes in the liquor licensing laws are in a Bill which was published at the beginning of December. They include:

  • Measures to give communities and local authorities greater control over alcohol licensing to tackle problem premises. They will have new powers to restrict premises from selling alcohol late at night if necessary and be able to clamp down harder on premises which persistently sell to children - doubling the fine to £20,000;
  • A stronger local influence on licensing decisions by allowing everyone the option to comment on licensing applications - not just those living close to premises, and ensuring health and policing concerns are considered more widely so that the impact of licensing on crime and disorder or public safety can be taken into account;
  • Introducing a late night levy allowing councils to charge for late-night licences to pay for extra policing - leaving premises to pay rather than the taxpayer.

These proposals will be useful in dealing with new/changes in applications for Liquor Licenses from the pubs on Osborne Rd.

The Bill may, of course, be modified during its passage through Parliament. The provisions are expected to come into force in January 2012.