Anti-social behaviour by students

December 16, 2010 8:00 AM

Following some serious examples of unacceptable behaviour by Newcastle University students in North Jesmond ward in September 2010, the Registrar was asked by ward councillors to explain the University's stance on anti-social behaviour. Here are some extracts from his statement.

"The University is acutely aware of the need for students to respect neighbours and others in their community. We work closely with the Students Union to promote the message that students, as members of the local community, albeit temporary ones, have a responsibility to behave at all times in a reasonable manner.

"When we receive complaints about antisocial behaviour we always investigate which includes interviewing the students identified and visiting the household as appropriate. Where the matter is very serious or there is a reoccurrence, the matter will be handled under the Student Disciplinary Procedures. Such behaviour brings the University into disrepute and it is on this basis that sanctions can be applied. However, we are not a police force and students have reached a legal age of majority and are, therefore, individually responsible for their actions.

"The University takes all breaches of discipline seriously and students found guilty of misconduct will receive warnings and fines (up to c £100 each). In some particular cases full disciplinary committees will be convened and higher sanctions are imposed.

"I should end on a positive note. Many thousands of students participate in community work throughout the year. Our students raise thousands of pounds for local charities. Our students of today become our professionals of tomorrow. Many of the city's doctors, dentists, architects, planners, engineers and lawyers were once our students. The vast majority of our students complete their studies without causing any offence. They enjoy their experience in the city and the welcome they receive. We know that six months after graduation, over half the students in employment continue to live in the North East. We will continue to work with local organisations and the Students Union to promote the need for reasonable behaviour. "