Jesmond Snippets

December 17, 2010 8:00 AM

Parking Permits

Letters were sent to residents of Reid Park Rd informing them that the permit parking scheme in the Reid Park Rd area should become live by the end of January 2011. Permits will be required for Mon-Sat 7.30 -9.30am and 5-10pm. There will also be 2 hour limited waiting bays for those without permits.

Jesmond Library

Jesmond Library will close at 5pm on Saturday 29 January and reopen at 9am on Monday 14 March. The closure is to allow upgrading of the building. This includes

improvements to the Community Room, provision of public toilet facilities, rewiring and the provision of new issue facilities. A substantial part of the work is being funded from the North Jesmond ward capital budget.

Jesmond Dene Improvements

The Jesmond Dene Visitor Centre has now been completed, whilst the Café has been rebuilt. The new Pets Corner should be completed early in 2011.

Jesmond Pool

The improvements to Jesmond Pool which have been funded from the North Jesmond ward capital grant ( sauna upgrade and improvements to the female changing room ) are scheduled to be done over the period when the pool is closed, between Saturday11 December and Monday 3 January.