Denton Skate Parke Update

January 5, 2011 8:15 PM

The recent success of our skate park has recently been brought into question by a number of residents concerned about the levels of noise and anti-social behaviouron the site at West Denton Association off Hillhead Road.

The skate park was a partnership between the Burnside Tenants and Residents Association and the councils Youth Services team, both of whom were responding to what local young people had said they wanted to see set up.

Of late there have been residents and some service users at the West Denton Association calling for the skate park to be closed down or moved, and there will be discussions about the options. But there are others who believe that the police and wardens should be capable of dealing with any disruptive behaviour especially when caused by cheap alcohol being bought locally. Some residents and parents think that it would be a wasted investment were it to close and who would pay back the cost to the funders? Another key point is why should the sensible young people who use the park be penalised by the actions of a minority. Also we must consider should the skate park close where would the young people move on to? Time has shown that young people have always congregated on this site. Also as proven by Councillor Sarah Cross and her team of volunteers at the Burnside Youth Drop-in Centre working with and engaging with the young people can go a long way to providing a solution.