Keeping Newcastle Moving

January 17, 2011 8:00 AM

With the early arrival of prolonged Arctic conditions, council staff and others worked around the clock to try to keep things moving and ensure essential services were delivered to local people. Across the city, over 450 people worked to keep main routes open and to keep the footpaths around schools, hospitals, shops and residential homes clear of snow and ice. Care workers trudged around the streets in order to ensure their clients were not neglected, particularly over the Christmas period. Teachers and school staff also ensured that many local schools remained open throughout most of the worst of the weather.

Although bin collections were postponed when it became impossible for the wagons to get around many of the side streets, the backlog was cleared before Christmas. In the meantime, the collection teams helped to clear the snow. As well as passing on requests for help, local councillors Pauline and Peter Allen also ensured that the appreciation of local residents for the efforts of all those involved were passed on. The
Focus Team would also like to thank the many local residents who were very patient during this period, and particularly to thank those who kept a friendly eye open for any neighbours who needed a little help.

Once the snow clears there are likely to be a number of potholes and pavements that may need emergency repairs. You can report these via the Council's Envirocall Service on 0191 274 4000 or email

Home Repair Assistance Loans
The bad weather has left many home owners with essential repairs, particularly to roofs and gutters. Most will be covered by house insurance, but for those who cannot afford to carry out such repairs the Council has launched a loan scheme to help cover costs and offer advice. Contact the Housing Development Team on
0191 211 5836 for information.