Local News & Action from across Walkergate

January 20, 2011 8:09 AM

Wallsend Boys Club Flooding
Although houses on Appletree Gardens have not been flooded this year, a considerable amount of water still collects behind the bund after bad weather. In addition, WBC have yet to kick a ball on the pitches affected. Cllr Pauline Allen has again written to the Mayor of North Tyneside to ask what additional measures are proposed to put an end to the problem.

Stotts Road Bus Shelters
After a request from bus passengers, Pauline Allen got a new bus shelter erected near the bridge on Stotts Road. Another shelter will be erected on the opposite side of the road once the road is narrowed slightly to create the space needed for the shelter.

Fossway Road Safety Measures
Highways Engineers have published plans to enhance pedestrian crossings and improve road safety along Fossway from Valentia Avenue to Stotts Road. The main features are to introduce new dropped kerbs and improved pedestrian refuges.

Vauxhall Road Planning Application
Following concerns raised by local residents, Cllr Peter Allen and Cllr Pauline Allen have lodged an objection to plans to open two fast food outlets on Vauxhall Road. Potential problems include disturbance for nearby residents, particularly during the evening, and the risks that the shops will attract more anti-social
behaviour and litter.

Rookie Golf - Funding for Growth
Your local councillors have given a grant to a local group to help them develop rookie golf which is a fun way for both young and old to play together on an equal basis. The idea was created by volunteers in Newcastle and now there are active groups across the city, including residents at Eastbourne Court and children
from local schools.

Future of Walker Tech Site - Middle Street
As reported in Focus 76, the old Walker Technology College building on Middle Street will be redundant once the school moves later this year. Walkergate Ward Committee considered a short report on the site at its meeting at Walker Technology College in January. The Council plans to demolish the old building to prevent vandalism. In the longer term the site could be sold for new housing but this is some way off and there are no plans at present. In the meantime, Pauline and Peter Allen are suggesting that the playing fields are opened up for use by local residents and children once the school closes.

Dog Dirt
The Focus Team have received many complaints recently of dog dirt covering footpaths across the ward. If you own a dog then please ensure you pick up, bag and dispose any deposits in a litter bin. If you are aware of any persistent offenders then please let the Focus Team know so that the wardens and dog warden
can take action to prosecute offenders.

Responsible Retailers Pilot Scheme
Pauline and Peter Allen have welcomed a pilot programme for off-licences across Walkergate to encourage the responsible selling of alcohol in order to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Another Football Pitch for Swans Rec
Pauline Allen has welcomed plans to build another mini football pitch on the old bowling greens at Swans Rec. This will allow the successful Newcastle East End Juniors Football Club to welcome even more local youngsters.

Maplewood - No Cold Callers Zone
Following the story in Focus 77, a scheme to discourage unwanted and bogus doorstep sellers is being introduced in Maplewood. If it proves successful, Pauline and Peter Allen will encourage expansion to other local areas.