Crime continues to fall

February 8, 2011 8:54 PM

Official figures are continuing to show a steady drop in crime rates across Newcastle. There has been a marked drop in overall crime, with the rate having halved since the Lib Dems took over the city council in 2004 from 40,000 that year to 20,000 last year.

There has been a 50% fall in that time in recorded household burglaries, theft from motor vehicles, and cases of criminal damage in that period, and vehicle thefts have fallen by two-thirds. In the last year, all crime fell by 8%, burglaries by 10%, & vehicle thefts by 30%. The Safe Newcastle partnership involving the local police, council, and other community safety agencies has secured Home Office recognition for its effective approach to tackling neighbourhood crime. We are regularly advised by local police that the neighbouring Dene and North Heaton wards have amongst the lowest levels of crime in the city.

Obviously it is important not to be complacent - everyone can play a part in keeping crime out of our area! We will continue to do our bit by taking part in regular monthly problem-solving meetings with our local police team. Please let us know if you have any concerns about crime and community safety in your neighbourhood!