Where’s the Grit?

February 11, 2011 8:05 AM

Most wards of the city prepared for winter by installing new grit bins while Councillors have ensured their local ward bins were regularly topped up.

Some shocking facts have emerged about how the needs of over three quarters of the population of South Heaton has been ignored by the Labour Councillors.

The Lib Dem Councillors in the neighbouring Wards of Ouseburn, Walkergate, North Heaton have ensured some 26, 20 and 19 grit bins are placed around their neighbourhoods for the convenience of local people.

South Heaton by contrast has only 12 Grit Bins, 11 of which are placed on the Byker Hill side of the ward - with 7 on the Council estate, which houses some 1200 residents in 824 households.

The Heaton Avenues ( from 1st Ave to Simonside Tce) and Terraces (which cover from the railway to Ravenswood Tce) where around 6100 residents live in 3170 properties, have only ONE Grit Bin between them - and that's at the top of Balmoral Tce!

Mark Nelson commented 'This is another example of Labour disregarding the needs of the many and a clear bias against local owner occupiers and private rental sector. We have made strong representations to the City Council to redress the balance and ensure a more even distribution of bins plus the installation of new ones.'