West Gosforth Ward News

March 11, 2011 3:54 PM

Brackenfield Road: Problems with parking reported by residents are being examined. A site visit has taken place recently.

Elmfield Road & Kenton Road: The Council has consulted the public over alterations to legal orders to make mandatory school 'keep clear' markings enforceable from 8 AM to 5 PM.

The Council is also considering installing bollards near to the junction with Kenton Road to prevent traffic mounting the pavement.

Graham Park Road: Engineers have agreed to consult on a road safety scheme at the junction with the High
Street at the beginning of next year following concerns about parking and access.

Ivy Road: A car club parking bay has been installed near to the High Street.

Kenton Road: The Council is proposing to create a pedestrian crossing near to Westfield School in Kenton Road, following a petition submitted by residents, in the next financial year.

Kenton Road / Montagu Avenue: Engineers are examining detailed options to assist traffic exiting right from Montagu Avenue to be implemented in the next financial year. Montagu Avenue: Requests to identity environmental improvements to grass verges are being examined. Vehicles have churned up the grass.

Moor End: A new door entry system is being installed. Moor Place: Consultation with residents is still taking place about maintenance of an unadopted back lane following complaints.

Princes Meadow: Assessment is being undertaken in relation to parking problems at the section adjacent to Ashgrove Nursing Home.

West Avenue: Work is being undertaken to convert The Manse next to Trinity Church into a 5 bedroom dwelling.