Fenham Focus File

March 30, 2011 8:05 AM

Better by FAR!

Your Lib Dem councillor team have consistently supported the work of FAR - Fenham Association of Residents.
Colin and Mitzi are supporting plans by FAR to develop unused land at the rear for a Community Garden. They have also agreed to provide Ward funds for improvements to their community building's new kitchen area, which will enable even better facilities on site.

'We know how much valuable work FAR do in our community for our residents, and we are happy to help
them with this project' says Mitzi

Labour Opposes Dog Fouling Tickets

During the Council budget debate, Labour councillors wanted to stop street wardens handing out fixed penalty fines to irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul the pavement. Fortunately, Lib Dem councillors, including Colin and Mitzi ensured that this daft suggestion was turned down. The wardens are already following upon numerous dog-fouling reports passed to them by the Focus Team.

Tackling Anti Social Behaviour

Colin and Mitzi were quick to act in cooperation with Police when residents complained about on-going anti-social behaviour around the King George's field and Holy Cross church area. Thanks to targeted work involving our Councillors, the Police and officers from the Safe Newcastle Team these problems have now
diminished. A CCTV Camera requested by Colin is being installed in order to help prevent any further disturbances.

Better Buses!

As a result of lobbying from local Lib Dem Councillors several bus routes have been restored and revamped.
The new No 4 route will serve our area and enable local people to travel to the Metro Centre, as well as the
shops at West Denton Way and Morrisons at Cowgate. Mitzi commented 'We are pleased Nexus listened to us and that the new route will serve most of our area and give people a choice of shopping venues'