Patrick: "Pylons should go"

June 12, 2011 4:01 PM

Patrick Morrissey has signed up to support the campaign for the removal of high voltage transmission lines and pylons from the residential areas of Abbey Farm, Chapel House, Chapel Park and St. John's.

Patrick says. "I congratulate the Scrap the Pylons campaign. Pylons are a scar on the landscape, a noise irritant and raise issues of concerns about health which have never been fully resolved. National Grid is a hugely profitable, once-publicly owned company and it can well afford to pay the cost of below-ground cables in the most sensitive areas - and this is one of them, right alongside a major residential area. They've done it elsewhere - fear example, in a residential part of Sussex - so don't we deserve the same consideration? I would like to see a commitment to put the fines under ground, even if it has to be paid for over time."

Patrick is encrouraging all residents to sign up by logging on to: