Ilford Road - Proposed Traffic Scheme

July 5, 2011 9:51 PM

New traffic management proposals have been set out for Ilford Road.

Residents on Ilford Rd and surrounding streets have raised concerns over parked and speeding cars. The proposals seek to improve the operation of traffic calming measures and reduce commuter parking. Details are in the box on the right.

Commenting on the proposals Councillor David Slesenger said, "It is clear something has to be done. There has been a lot of discussion and consultation about the various components that could make up the overall scheme. Now the residents can have their say on the overall proposals."

Lodore Road

The plans include increasing the double yellow lines at the junctions with Ilford Rd, such as Lodore Rd. This will stop cars parking on the corners so there will be greater visibility for traffic turning onto Ilford Rd.

Please come to the drop-in session which will be held immediately before the Ward Committee: 6 PM on Monday 11th July at St Nicholas Church Annexe, Wardle Street.

The Proposals In Brief

  • Reduce all day commuter parking by introducing a single yellow line on the metro side of the road to stop parking between 09:30-10:30 every day.
  • Extra double yellow lines at strategic points on the metro side.
  • Double yellow line "build-outs" at Lodore Rd and other roads that intersect Ilford Rd.
  • Maintaining as much parking as possible for the residents and their visitors.