What Murdoch’s Papers Won’t Tell You!

August 3, 2011 8:05 AM

MEDIA LIE: The Lib Dems have rowed back on all their General Election Manifesto promises.

TRUTH: We have managed to get around 75% of our promises agreed to be delivered over the 5-year Coalition term. That's more than the Tories, the senior Coalition members, who have only got 60% of their promises agreed in the coalition agreement!

MEDIA LIE: the Lib Dems have achieved nothing in a year of the Coalition.

TRUTH: Here's some of our achievements:

  • we have taken 1 million people on low incomes out of paying tax, while increasing capital gains tax on the rich;
  • we have re-linked state pensions to earnings, ensuring that millions of pensioners will be better off - permanently! Labour promised to do this every election they were in government, but failed.
  • we have got hundreds of millions of pounds (soon to be billions) allocated to schools with the most underprivileged pupils in the country.
  • we have got deferred a decision to spend tens of billions on a new nuclear missile system

MEDIA LIE: The Lib Dems have got into bed with the Tories.

TRUTH: The Lib Dems remain an independent party and have previously been in coalition with Labour in bothWalesandScotland. We believe in politicians working together and are happy to work with any mainstream party to further our principles.