August 4, 2011 8:03 AM

"We've been into the local schools, the children have designed posters which are displayed on all litter bins locally (dog dirt can go in the normal litter bins), we've caught a few people and fined them, but still it goes on" says Fawdon Councillor Brenda Hindmarsh.

Despite the warnings about serious dangers to health and the generally disgusting mess it creates, there are still far too many dog-owners who don't seem to care about where their dogs deposit their dirt. Please report what you see via Envirocall 274 4000.

Meanwhile, we're trying out these new stencils for the pathways where we seem to have most trouble. Ultimately, however, people need to behave more responsibly - make no mistake, this is every bit as much anti-social behaviour as vandalism or noisy neighbours.