Traffic and Parking in Cochrane Park

August 29, 2011 10:53 AM

Quite a few residents of North Heaton ward have expressed concern about speed problems on residential streets, as well as "cutting corners" and "rat-running" particularly on Longridge Drive and Vancouver Drive to jump the queue on Red Hall Drive.

All residential streets should complete the switch to 20mph limits this autumn, with "signs and lines", but the North Heaton Focus team have also asked for mobile speed indicators on Cochrane Park Avenue and Etherstone Avenue, and follow-up speed surveys. We have also requested consideration of a safer re-alignment of the Amberley Gardens / Bretton Gardens junction.

Parking Problems

Although parking problems in Cochrane Park are not usually as bad as in some other parts of North Heaton ward, we are aware of some concerns in certain locations. Much of this is "residential" related parking, but everyone can play their part in minimising problems by parking considerately, including not blocking corners, driveways, or the pavement by parking on the kerb (often causing damage to pathways)

We have written to the council and to the Sainsburys construction site managers about the problems of construction traffic parking on Etherstone Avenue and asked for more parking enforcement here. The same also applies to Hilden Gardens and the Coast Road where we understand there is a growing "commuter parking" problem caused by people parking all day and getting the bus into Newcastle! We are also requesting bollards, white lines and dropped kerbs to safeguard access in particular locations.