Lib Dems call for alcohol awareness training for those convicted of drink related crime

August 30, 2011 5:33 PM

Senior Newcastle Liberal Democrat Cllr. WENDY TAYLOR is calling for alcohol awareness training to be available for those convicted of an alcohol related crime.

In a motion to the September meeting of Newcastle City Council, Cllr. Dr.Taylor will remind Councillors of the damage to health being caused by alcohol abuse & suggest some practical ways of dealing with the growing problem of drink-related crime and disorder.

Wendy comments: "Many people are unaware of the harm their excessive drinking can cause. Not only is alcohol abuse causing major health problems, but also leads to anti-social behaviour, domestic violence & family breakdown, drink driving & criminal damage. Alcohol awareness classes help individuals to identify their own drinking patterns & develop plans to reduce the risk of future criminal or antisocial behaviour."

Wendy is asking the Council to work with Balance North East, Northumbria Police & the Safer Newcastle Partnership to develop this proposal, which would be similar to the speed awareness training offered to drivers.

Liberal Democrat Councillors will also ask the Council to work with other local authorities to consider introducing a minimum price for alcohol in the North-East to reduce the risk of binge drinking.

The party will also discuss new proposals for local taxation at its conference later this month, which will include allowing towns and cities to introduce a specific local alcohol tax to fund the cost of providing dedicated police resources in city centre areas affected by alcohol-related disorder.