Heaton Highways Report

October 9, 2011 8:49 AM

North Heaton councillore DOREEN and GREG are continuing to tackle residents' concerns over parking, pavements, speeding - and driving schools! We have been working with our neighbourhood team, police, and highways officers to observe and photograph "hot spots", and have made formal requests for action at a number of locations.

This list includes parking bay modifications in St Gabriels, starting consultation to extend residents parking zones for lower Jesmond Park West and Park Head Road, and for the Hilden Gardens end of the Coast Road, "white lines" for drives in a number of problem parking areas, speed surveys for Jesmond Park West, Cochrane Park Avenue, and Red Hall Drive, and a traffic management plan for Red Hall Drive / Dimbula Gardens / Martello Gardens. We've secured funding for a number of movable driver speed warning indicator signs and will be installing these at various locations around the ward, principally inCochraneParkat first.

We have written again to the local Driving Test Centre about the proliferation of learners and instructors usingCochraneParkand theNorth Heatonbungalows area, to again ask them to vary their routes - perhaps using different areas on a rotating daily or weekly basis.

Finally, we are doing our best to tackle the always-lengthy list of roads and pavements needing resurfacing. Alexandra Road, Turbinia Gardens, Danby Gardens, Dimbula Gardens, and Vancouver Drive will be improved over the next few months, along with parking restrictions on Goswick Avenue corners. We have also formally asked the Labour council leadership about what they propose to do to tackle pavement parking problems in the city - it's been over a month with no acknowledgement or reply received.