Police, Camera, Action!

October 16, 2011 9:00 AM

More action has been under way to tackle inconsiderate neighbours and anti-social behaviour in Fawdon.

During the late summer, your councillors Brenda Hindmarsh and David Faulkner joined police and housing officials knocking on doors in theAmherst Road andDorrington Road area. Follow up action has included more patrols from the police and street wardens and warning letters to several families, with a threat of losing their homes.

"Our survey work told us that many people are happy with where they live" said Brenda Hindmarsh "but their lives could be improved if certain tenants and their children behaved more responsibly. If not, then tough action will be taken."

Residents also said that they were generally happy with the shopping centre and the community centre, but wanted to see more for young people to do. They also want to see action against the teenagers who hang around the park and keep others away. Local people told us how pleased they were with the new security camera recently installed in the area.